Cork vrs Screw Top

If you’re a wine drinker, you can not have escaped notice that more and more wine is sold with screw tops – and not just the cheapo stuff!
Screw tops for wine bottles have been around since the 50’s, but they were always associated with the “value brands” or jug wines.
That all changed in the 90’s with the explosion of new wines and wine producing regions.  Specifically, newbee winemakers in New Zealand and Australia simply could not get enough quality cork.   Skip forward a decade and we have some very good wine sold with screw tops.
For wines that are meant to be consumed young like most whites or rose, screw tops are perfect because these wines don’t need to breathe.  The screw top does not allow any oxygen to enter the bottle – ensuring that the wine remains crisp and well preserved.
On the other hand, chardonnay and reds (wines that need a little age to come together) actually benefit from the little oxygen that the cork naturally allows to seep into the bottle.  The air oxidizes the tannins so they’re softer and more drinkable – making cork the better choice here (although we’ve heard talk of a breathable screw top in the works).
In short, there is absolutely nothing wrong or cheap about screw top wine.
However, we still see a lot of resistance to screw tops.  These days, preference probably has more to do with the ritual or ceremony of uncorking than it does with the actual quality of the wine.  Whatever your preference, there’s a wine for you!  Liquor Cabinet – Bay St. Louis
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